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747 Seminars Presents
A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing in Sunny Italy!

When: May 17-24th 2014
Early Bird Rate: $2500 | After 9/13: $2950
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747 Seminars Presents
Traveling Directions for Women
A new book by Sharon Cadiz!

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$18.99 plus S&H
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747 Seminars produces customized workshops, presentations, training curricula and expert consultation in the areas of wellness, self-care, transformational change, organizational development, strategic planning and personal growth. Services are for both individuals and groups in corporate, social, civic, church and community settings.

747 Seminars has a unique approach that helps projects and dreams to “soar” through focused assessment and targeted action plans.

747 Seminars ignites the possibilities for success and growth by helping individuals and groups to:

Dr. Sharon Cadiz is the CEO and originator of 747 Seminars. She is a dynamic leader in the field of human services and utilizes her years of experience in the fields of child development, addiction treatment, mental health, domestic violence, interpersonal trauma, cultural competence and life skills development to inform her efforts to counterbalance the effects of many common problems that stifle individuals and groups.

Dr. Cadiz uses a simple technology to awaken those who sleep-walk through their days; creating lives, organizations and settings that are stuck and unable to launch plans for better results.

If you or your group needs help in managing change, addressing stress and burn-out, or getting to the next level, contact 747 Seminars. We can provide customized training; workshops; presentations; keynotes, individual face-to-face or telephone consultations, assistance with meeting and conference planning; as well as access to an array of experts in complementary therapies and other specialties.

Let 747 Seminars help your projects and plans soar!!!