A recent study comparing health in the United States and the United Kingdom concluded that Americans are sicker than the British. Based on 25 years of practice in a variety of environments, systems and settings, Dr. Cadiz concurs with these findings. She has seen families struggle to juggle parenting demands and leave policies; battered employees face termination; the use of overtime and sick leave cost both workers and employers. Individuals, communities and organizations are all, likewise, sicker.

Dr. Cadiz has been a leader in launching innovative programs that serve vulnerable populations that struggle with issues of addiction, mental illness, intimate partner violence, interpersonal trauma; and parenting and child development challenges. She has supported organizations with change efforts to address the growing demands of clients and workers who often suffer with the same sicknesses and vulnerabilities.

In an effort to address the high rates of worker burnout, system failure and impediments to organizational change, Dr. Cadiz uses her skills as an educator, speaker and change agent to help organizations and individuals get launched through a variety of services including seminars, workshops and presentations; coaching, counseling; meeting and event planning; start-up and wellness demonstrations and lectures. She represents a group of expert consultants with specialties in complementary and alternative therapies; mental health; chemical dependence; oral health and much more.

Dr. Cadiz has a distinguished record as the director of a city-wide clinical consultation program; former advisory board member of the PBS/Channel 13 Ready To Learn Television; a juror for Quality Children’s Media; and held the position as the National Chair and Principal Investigator of a federally funded study of women and violence. She has extensive program development and project management experience within the human service field and is a national speaker who has been featured on television and radio, as well as conferences.

“Many of us give so much that we don’t realize we need a little something in return, if we don’t the first indicators of stress, Cadiz insists, will be biological ones They will emerge as manifestations of an unbalanced life…”
Heart & Soul Magazine, June/July 2001 “Balance Your Life”